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Do you want a unique house? Do you have the land that inspires to built your dream house?

If you dream of designing a new home that takes full advantage of the unique geography and views of land that you love, then you should visit ELC Construction.

If you own land already, you’re one step ahead of the dreaming stage. If you haven’t found that perfect lot yet, we have partners who specializes in land purchases and we can finds anything we like everywhere in Cyprus.

Elc Construction is a company that can customize and design a home to fit your lifestyle. In addition to this, a house has to built under a deadline and of course a budget. Our experience in the field gives us the advantage to consult our customers the correct budget for your dream house with excelled quality of products in the market in order to have the best results for a strong and a unique house.  

If you’re ready to get started on building a home we are expertise in construction and we can work with you to make building your dream home

There is a logical order in which renovation work should be undertaken. The best way is to prepare a plan of estimating the likely cost and time schedule of a renovation project.


Property renovation can represent real bargain potential. Taking the correct actions you can transform an old and ugly house into modern and fully functional dream house with a budget.


Renovation is not without its risks, however, and the first-time renovator can easily be overwhelmed with the work and obstacles they encounter, especially if they are tempted to rush into starting the work without first taking in to account the structural condition of the property.


A common situation is to complete renovation work including re-plastering and decoration, only to discover that the entire property has rising damp issues and needs an injected damp-proof course, which involves hacking off all of the new plastering up to waist height.


There is a logical order in which renovation work should be undertaken. In order estimate the final cost and time to finish the project the most critical action we take is to organize a master plan and followed it strictly.


We provide the team, we have the knowledge, we have the tools and we certainly use the best quality in products. We can renovate your old house and create your dream house.


We'd love to hear from you

Megaro Apsis, Themidos 8 ,

6039 Larnaka Cyprus

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